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Get Master Degree in Engineering at UNIVERSITY OF REGINA - Sep 2024.


Application Fees


Processing Time

6-8 Weeks


September 2024, January 2025

Academics requirement

65%- 70%


Overall 6.5 ( not less than 6.0)


Overall 59


Overall 83 (not less than 20)


Overall 120 (not less than 105)


Available Programs:

Electronic Systems Engineering (MASc/MEng): The Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE) program at the University of Regina focuses on a core program of analog and digital electronics with specialization streams in: instrumentation and control, telecommunications, micro-electronics, and power and energy. Software and computer-related courses are part of the electronics core program, allowing students to develop greater facility with both hardware and software.

Industrial Systems Engineering (MASc/MEng): The Industrial Systems Engineer becomes an engineering generalist with specialized training in the nature, behaviour, control, and monitoring of engineering systems. The Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) program is designed to train engineers to organize and effectively utilize the total resources of modern manufacturing and process industries: materials, machinery, facilities, people, and capital.

Environmental Systems Engineering (MASc/MEng): The Environmental Systems Engineering (EVSE) program demonstrates and applies systems engineering principles to environmental issues associated with water resources, air pollution, transportation, industrial development, and waste management.

Petroleum Systems Engineering (MASc/MEng): Petroleum Systems Engineering students at the University of Regina develop techniques to efficiently recover oil, gas, and other minerals while reducing environmental impacts using various pollution remediation and greenhouse gas reduction techniques.

 Process Systems Engineering (MASc/MEng): Process Systems Engineering (PSEng) is a broad category of engineering that deals with the process design for the purpose of converting raw goods to usable end products, including energy. 

Software Systems Engineering (MASc/MEng):The Software Systems Engineering (SSE) program is designed to give students the knowledge to analyze, design, and develop software operating on many types of computers and microprocessors.


Documents required for Applications in University of Regina -

  • Passport
  • Academics (WAEC, Bachelor Transcripts & Degree)
  • WES ICAP (Course by Course Required )
  • IELTS TRF - for non english speaking nations
  • CV/Resume of the Student
  • Letter of Intent by the student (Please note student only need to answer 1-4 questions of the form)
  • 02 Letter of Recommendations (Preferably form the School and College/University)
  • Referees Email ID and Names
  • Signed information release form (Masters Program)

  For Admission Contact:

      Admission Team @ MakeStudy,


      CALL: +91 96581 96851


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