Since 1952, a singular idea has consistently driven our curricula, training, and community work. That key guiding idea is Alfred Adler’s groundbreaking concept of social interest or gemeinschaftsgefühl – the idea that our health resides in our community life and connections. This idea today is more necessary than ever to drive the work and change most needed in challenged communities around the world.

In 1952, Rudolf Dreikurs and his colleagues established our institution as the Alfred Adler Institute in Chicago—to train practitioners to apply Adler’s idea of social interest or gemeinschaftsgefühl. Adler was the first to focus on wellness in the community context. He advanced the revolutionary idea that responsible practitioners must advocate to change the social conditions that affect population health and ...

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Program List of Adler University (3 Programs)

#    Program Name Deposit/Fee Duration Appl Fees Detail
1 Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology- Non Thesis 23,000$ 24 months 30$ view
2 Master of Public Policy and Administration (Social Change Leadership) 18,940$ 24 months 30$ view
3 Master of Applied Psychology 20,514$ 24 months 30$ view