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Students traveling Montreal, Canada - Book your Hotel/Room with Quarantine Facilities.

Instructions for quarantine guests: 

1. Per the Quarantine Act, guests must stay in your room. Do not leave your room except in case of an emergency.

2. If you must leave your room in case of an emergency:
a) avoid contact with other guests and employees.
b) wear a mask and keep a 2 meters distance with others.

3. Visitors are not authorized.

4. If you do show symptoms of COVID-19 infection, please advise the hotel management so that they can take the appropriate measures.

Total Cost :1500 $ package taxes in,

2 meals, for 14 days.

Motel near the airport.

Transportation can also be organized from the airport. 

Students who need accommodation can contact: 

For reservation and booking please contact us at email: or

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