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Post Diploma Business @ Dhillon Business School,Calgary (University of Lethbridge)

Post-diploma Bachelor of Management

The Dhillon School of Business offers a management degree for students with business or business-related diplomas from our partner colleges. You can earn two years of credit toward the post-diploma degree program, and graduate in as little as two years with a Bachelor of Management degree. Extra courses are assigned where a diploma does not provide the appropriate background for the major chosen.

Post-diploma Bachelor of Management (25 course)

If you hold a two-year diploma from a recognized academic institution, you may be eligible to earn a Bachelor of Management in as little as two and a half years (General Management major)—even if it is in an unrelated discipline. The Dhillon School of Business will consider diplomas not previously approved for admission on a case-by-case basis. Once you have chosen your major, consider the option of working toward a secondary area of focus. A minor will let you explore more than one academic interest, enhance your resume and will be recognized on your transcript.

Post-diploma Bachelor of Management/ Bachelor of Education

This is a great opportunity for students with a business diploma who want to study management and education. The program takes three and a half years to complete and leads to the conferral of two degrees. The program consists of 20 education, eight management and seven arts and science courses. The combined degree program includes three professional semesters in which students practice teaching in the schools. This program is only available at the Lethbridge campus.

UoL has a 2+2 agreement with Lovely professional University for the business program. 

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