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Be the one making a difference. Learn about careers where you can be the one making a difference in your community.

Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) is Canada’s leading public safety educator located in the Metro Vancouver area, specializing in a broad spectrum of Justice and Public Safety programs.  

JIBC offers internationally recognized education that leads to Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees, and Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas. Some of the popular programs among international students include the Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas in Law Enforcement Studies and Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas in Disaster Management. Graduates from more than 40 countries have benefited from JIBC’s education, training, and applied research. JIBC educates over 30,000 students every year.



Possible careers in Law Enforcement before becoming a Permanent Resident


Areas of work                                   Job Titles                                                                             Average Annual Salary 


Law                                                    Paralegals and Legal Assistants,                                      $53,000 - $70,500

                                                            E-Discovery Professionals,

                                                            Litigation Support Professional,

                                                            Legal Secretary, Contract Administrator 


By-law Enforcement                       Compliance Specialist, Regulatory Officer,                    $49,000 - $64,500

                                                             Parking Enforcement Officer,

                                                             Animal Control/Cruelty Officer,

                                                             Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer… 


Gambling Industry                          Gaming Surveillance Officer, Gambling Monitor,          $46,000 - $59,000

                                                             Casino Investigator… 


Fraud Investigation                         Fraud Analyst, Fraud Examiner,                                        $44,000 - $69,000

                                                             Loss Prevention Investigator…


Environmental Conservation        Environmental Enforcement Officer,                                 $43,500 - $62,400

                                                             Forest Ranger, Natural Resources Officer,

                                                             Fish and Game Warden,

                                                             Conservation and Fishery Officer… 




Possible careers in Law Enforcement after becoming a Permanent Resident

Municipal Police Officer ($70,154 to $100,220) 
Federal Police Officer (RCMP) ($53,144 to $86,110) 
Canadian Border Services Agent ($64,234 to $82,411) 
Intelligence Officer (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) 
Correctional Officer 
And more… 












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