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Are you an International Student Traveling to Canada ?

Stay Connected with your Family back in India with our SIM card and services.

Stay connected with your College in Canada

Stay Connected with your representative in India.

Leave your worries !!

Students can get the sim card delivered even 1-2 months before departure for Canada. The Sim card will however be activated only 24-48 hours prior to their departure date

Apply now !!

Step 1. Submit the secure online application form
Step 2. Student receives a verification call within 24 hours
Step 3. Free delivery of the Canadian Sim Card at the student’s home address in India within 5 days of form submission
Step 4: Activation of the Canadian sim card 24-48 hours prior to departure. Mobile number will be communicated to the student through email

Call: 96581-96581 for assistance. 

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