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Program Description:

NorQuest College's Practical Nurse Diploma for Internationally Educated Nurses program will prepare you to become a professional practical nurse who will provide high-quality care to clients in a variety of health care settings. Building on your previous education and experience, you will be supported in learning about Canadian health care while strengthening your professional communication and English language proficiency. This two-year diploma program is designed to train internationally educated nurses to achieve academic and professional success. Language training instructors and practical nurse instructors will help you acquire the nursing knowledge, clinical judgement, and communication skills needed to become a practical nurse in Canada. Collaborative classes, labs, workshops, and innovative learning strategies are designed to target specific student needs to prepare you for practicum, writing the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam, and future career success. Students are more likely to be successful in this program if they: are physically and emotionally able to manage workplace demands have access to a vehicle to travel to complete their clinical practice have access to a computer and Internet, and basic computer skills are able to demonstrate professional and ethical behaviour

Practical Nurse Diploma For Internationally Educated Nurses

Norquest College, Alberta
1st Year Fees: 25047$  (Total: 42855$)

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Jan 2024
Diploma or degree in a health care field from an accredited institution outside of Canada
50% overall
IELTS: L: 7.5, S: 7.0, R: 6.5, W: 7.0
Health studies
Diploma /Vocational
Not Available