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Program Description:

This post-graduate program gives students the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of relevant topics and technology pertaining to ES (like ERP, SCM, and CRM), BPR, Big Data, Business Analytics, Project Management, and IT strategy, using some cutting-edge technologies from leading vendors like SAP, IBM, SAS, and Teradata. Students will participate in ERP simulation games which teach ERP concepts “by doing”. This program provides students with an opportunity to gain up to date knowledge and skills to analyse, implement and use ES. It further enhances the student ability to comprehend how and why these systems provide economic, technological, operational, and strategic value to an adopting organisation. It unleashes the strategies to manage ES implementation to achieve the anticipated benefits. To provide hands on experience with ES, courses in this program are embedded with software’s from leading ES vendors like SAP. Students not only develop skills in learning SAP but also gain the opportunity to prepare for SAP certifications related to business processes, business intelligence and HANA. By doing this, students will have a competitive advantage in the job market.

Master Of Technology (Enterprise Systems And Business Analytics)

Federation University @ ATMC College
1st Year Fees: 21,200$  (Total: 41,760$)

Apply for this program

Nov 2023
Successful completion bachelor’s degree
1st division and 2nd division from Section 1 and Section 2 University and 1st division from Section 3 University
IELTS OA6/6 each; OA 6.5/5.5; PTE OA 50/50 each.
Engineering and technology
Master Degree
3-Years Bachelor Degree