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Program Description:

Over the last couple of decades, the IT industry has undergone a transformation as technology has permeated all areas of business. In most organisations IT has changed from a support department installing and troubleshooting systems to a key enabler of business strategy and competitiveness, applying digital solutions to business problems. The Information and Communication Technology in Business with Co-op program is a hybrid qualification designed to address the business need for multi-skilled individuals possessing the IT, business and interpersonal skills required for the 21st century digital economy. The program has been structured to provide learners with a wide range of options encompassing IT, software and systems, infrastructure, and business. Students begin with some of the essential elements of business: communication and presentation skills, accounting, and an overview of the functional areas of business. Foundations of technology are also integrated into the learning path to build skills on copywriting, user experience design, spreadsheets, databases, e-commerce applications, and project management. To advance the foundational skills and knowledge, students also learn about various representations of technology that are manifest in today’s digital economy, from its infrastructure (networks, cloud computing, mobile technology, and cyber resilience), as well as digital marketing fundamentals and social media in business, and the introduction to agile development and software development. The theory courses are provided in a distributive form, via classroom, interactive/computer, and applicable activities (i.e. guest speakers, field trips). It also includes a co-op placement to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class.

CWS | Diploma In Information Technology With Co-op

Pacific Link College (PLC)
1st Year Fees: 5,000$  (Total: 9900$)

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Jan 2024
Senior secondary
IELTS 6.0 (5.5 in any)
Diploma /Vocational
Class XII / Senior Secondary / WAEC