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Program Description:

Learn how to defend business, government and individual databases that hold sensitive data. Employment in this area has experienced strong growth over the last ten years and is forecast to continue. Your specialisation in security will allow you to be on the frontline of the war in cyberspace and become familiar with methods attackers use. You will learn how to investigate and protect against security breaches on vulnerable private information, whilst developing an understanding of the security models provided by the major operating systems involved in modern computer networks. Through core studies and practicals, you will delve into networks, their protocols and hardware, to investigate how these systems can be vulnerable to a malicious attack. Your problem-solving skills will come to the fore when ethical hacking – testing a system to break-in or to find weak points. As a network architect, or an IT security specialist, you can look forward to a varied career in information security or IT operations.

Bachelor Of Information Technology (Networking And Security)

Federation University @ ATMC College
1st Year Fees: 19,760$  (Total: 59,280$)

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Nov 2023
12th Non- Medical
CBSE/ISCE – 60% Best Four; All State Boards Including (Punjab & Haryana) – 65% Best Four.
IELTS OA 6/6 each; PTE OA 50/50 each