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COURSE OUTLINE The Bachelor of Information Technology (Mobile App Development) develops students to take on the rapidly growing mobile app industry, which now has hundreds of millions of users every day. This three-year degree will teach you the key IT skills you will need in the workplace, with a particular focus on designing and building mobile apps. You will also learn about the security risks involved with such technologies. You will study wireless communications, mobile networks, cloud computing and more. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The constantly expanding information infrastructure has opened up many career opportunities for information systems graduates, ranging from the very technical to the very business-oriented. A variety of career opportunities exist in small, medium and large business and government.

Bachelor Of Information Technology (Mobile App Development)

Federation University @ ATMC College
1st Year Fees: 19,760$  (Total: 59,280$)

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Nov 2023
12th Non- Medical
CBSE/ISCE – 60% Best Four; All State Boards Including (Punjab & Haryana) – 65% Best Four.
IELTS OA 6/6 each; PTE OA 50/50 each