Fleming College looked a little different 50 years ago. On September 1, 1967, Sir Sandford Fleming College opened its first campus, which had 29 faculty members and 235 students.

The McDonnel Street Campus was located in a renovated textile mill, the Bonner-Worth, in Peterborough, Ont. Doug Lavery was one of the College’s first teachers and said he installed the first computer on campus in 1967.

“It was an old wool mill and they converted it, and they did a fabulous job,” said Doug, who describes Fleming as a “great big family.”

After retiring in 2000 from teaching at Fleming, Doug was happy to return to celebrate the College’s 50th Anniversary at Sutherland Campus. He was also happy to reunite with some of his first students.

Judy Hoard (Airey) was one of these students and one of few females in the Business Administration program.

“I had a wonderful experience at Fleming. My...

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Program List of Fleming College Toronto ( FCT) (7 Programs)

#    Program Name Deposit/Fee Duration Appl Fees Detail
1 Diploma in Business 16,250$ 24 months 100$ view
2 Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management 16,350$ 24 months 100$ view
3 Graduate Certificate in Project Management 16,550$ 12 months 100$ view
4 Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management-Global Logistics 16,550$ 12 months 100$ view
5 Graduate Certificate Project + Supply 24 months 100$ view
6 International Business Management (IBM) 18,168$ 12 months 100$ view
7 Personal Support Worker 18,619$ 12 months 100$ view