Canadian College of Technology & Business (CCTB) Vancouver.  Embrace the opportunity to study IT and business and gain work experience in Vancouver at CCTB.  CCTB offers a wide variety of programs at different skill levels. Our curricula are designed and taught by seasoned professionals and are based on real-life industry needs in tools and methodology. All of our programs are taught in a highly interactive environment, engaging students in a format most companies use to conduct their business. Canadian College of Technology & Business (CCTB), an esteemed Designated Learning Institution DLI O134304821852?

Why CCTB : 

The highest standards in education

To make sure that CCTB graduates have cutting-edge skills, various technologies are incorporated into our programs such as Amazon Web Services, Docker, SQL, and many more 

Work experience

Upon completion of CCTB programs, stu...

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Program List of Canadian College Of Technology And Business (CCTB) (11 Programs)